As a homeowner, you need to know what materials have gone in to building your home and how to maintain and care for your property after it’s built. You can request this information from your designer or builder at the start of the design or planning phase so they can provide a maintenance schedule when the building work is complete. 

Consumer protection in the Building Act requires your builder to provide you with certain information when building work is complete. It should include the maintenance needed to meet Building Code durability requirements and requirements in product guarantees or warranties. You should request this information as part of your building or renovation project.

The BRANZ Maintenance Schedule tool makes it easy for your designer or builder – by bringing together all the maintenance information about: Your place, all in one place, and it’s FREE. This includes: 

  1. All the contact details of trade staff involved in your build so that you may contact them for ongoing maintenance.
  2. A list of materials used in your home and their guarantees or warranties.

Ask your designer or builder to create a maintenance schedule for you when the work is complete.

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– and have all the information about: Your place, all in one place.